Eyetracking software (3 year subscription)

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Eyetracking software (3 year subscription) With this new software subscription of our... mehr
Produktinformationen "Eyetracking software (3 year subscription)"

Eyetracking software (3 year subscription)

With this new software subscription of our Eyetracking software you will always get the latest version, and you will benefit from ongoing developments. Licence: Annually (payment within 30 days from order). The subscription automatically renews for another 36 months, when the period of 36 months is completed. The price includes all updates, and full support (telephone, email, remote sessions). Please order the Eyetracking bar separately (item 82034).

Functional details

The times of heavy and invasive goggles are over! Thanks to newest technology, it is now possible to analyse the gaze with an eyetracker on your PC very easily! This new system revolutionizes the binocular analysis: The bar on the test monitor tracks both eyes automatically and thus gives your the position of the gaze in real-time on your computer screen. The software includes many tests (pictures, saccades, text, etc.), as well as a fixation heat-map. Ideal for reading tests. With patient data base and result sheet. Clear cost advantage to traditional eyetracking goggles.

The licence has to be renewed every 16 months FOR FREE. The system will send you a message 30 days prior.

Technical details

  • Software for typical computer or notebook

  • For windows

  • Eyetracking bar "tobii eyex" needs to be ordered separately (item 82034)!

    • with USB-3.0 cable

    • Speed: 60 Hertz (since May 2016)

    • Guarantee time of manufacturer: 1 year

  • Eyetracking bar "tobii 5L" needs to be ordered separately (item 82036):

    • with USB-2.0 cable

    • Speed: 120 Hertz

    • NEW: Pupillometry

    • NEW: Fixation disparity function

    • Guarantee time of manufacturer: 1 year

    • VISUS-Support in German, English and Italian via telephone and Teamviewer

    • Installation support can be booked separately (for less technically-skilled persons)

    • System requirements:

      • USB 3.0 (for fast transfer of the data to your PC! USB 2.0 wil not work!)

      • Processor: Min. i5, better i7 with min. 2,4 GHz

      • 8 GB RAM

      • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (both 32 and 64 bit work)

      • 1st monitor (from 15 inch, better 17, up to 40 inch) - Full HD (1.920 x 1.080 pixel) resolution recommended

      • 2nd monitor also needed! (as test monitor, from 15 to a maximum of 24 inch. Resolution: Full-HD (1.920 x 1.080 pixel), no 4K!)


    Can 2 PCs access the same eyetracker database?

    >>> Yes. If you setup a shared drive which both PCs have access to, the database and data files can be put on this shared drive allowing both system to share data. The data files can be quite large so there may be some compromise in terms of the speed of loading the data.

    Can you put the database in the cloud?

    >>> Not directly the data files are too large.

    Can you have 2 installations with only 1 licence by using online activation?

    >>> With the on-line licencing, you can deactivate one licence then use it on another computer (but not both simultaneously). This is subject to a fair use policy. If this is being done on a regular basis, a second licence would be required. If this is for viewing the data only, we would offer a special price on the second licence.

    Does the software compare the results with normative data?

    >>> No, there is no normative data. The software shows the saccade sizes, fixation duration, regressions, as well as the head tilt and reading distance. Also, there are many graphs with the data of the fixation of both eyes, so that an eye care specialist can interpret these, in order to find potential disorders. For example, with the black infrared occluder, you can perform a cover test, and show the correction movement in the video. Also, you can show overshoots and undershoots.

    Product video from Prof. Thomson

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