Motility test HESS Screen Pro

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Motility test HESS Screen Pro (Art.-No.: 81208) *** ITEM DISCONTINUED - ONLY AVAILBLE AS PORT...más
Información del producto "Motility test HESS Screen Pro"

Motility test HESS Screen Pro (Art.-No.: 81208)


HESS Screen Pro is a software for testing the motility with a PC. It comes with red-green goggles.

Hardware and service

We can also provide:

  • PC or Laptop

  • monitor

  • chin/head rest

  • more red-green goggles

  • pre-installation and fully calibrated systems (software + hardware "ready to go")


Accessories: Which monitor sizes is compatible?

  • The manufacturer suggests at least a 43 inch monitor

  • plus glasses for presbyopes are possible, but not necessary, because the sharpness of the objects will not affect the results significantly

  • At 49 inches the test distance is 40cm

  • To reach a test distance of 50cm, a larger screen is needed

  • It is also possible, to use a data projector, in order to get a large visual field

Accessories: Is a chin/head rest needed?

  • No necessarily, but the measurement will be more exact.

Accessories: Which goggles are included?

  • We supply a red-green-goggle.

Accessories: Can you use a printer?

  • Yes, you can print the results directly.

How can results be stored?

  • Either automatically via the internal data base

  • Or you can create a PDF, which can be saved and/or imported into other practice software

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