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VISUS® - who is this?

We are a German distributor of products for vision testing and the market leader for vision training products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. VISUS is based in Herrenberg (management + logistics) and Stuttgart (show room). Our name could not fit any better: Visus (Latin „videre“) means "seeing" or "the view“. Specialists of opthalmology and optometry in German speaking countries use the term Visus for "visual acuity".

VISUS team OPTI 2020


VISUS® was originally founded 1977 as „VISUS® Contactlinsen GmbH“, by Peter Fanti in Hamburg. As a pilot project and the first Contact lens clinic, special lenses were fit. Started in the Rotebaumchausee, the clinic moved to a more central position, right at the famous Jungfernstieg.

Appr. 10 years later, Peter Fanti founded another site in Stuttgart, also a contact lens clinic in the middle of the city. Also there, moving to a bigger location: Calwer Straße 41.

After a few years, the leaders of VISUS® have realized that something is missing in Germany: Tools for a thorough optometric binocular exam. Since there was almost no place you could buy these tools in Germany, VISUS started to import these products from leading US companies. This enabled VISUS® to become a pioneer in modern exklusive optometry products. Another big part of these products were for a structured, optometric vision training, which had been discovered on a European based seminar. Since a few years, VISUS® is the market leader in the segment of visual training material, also known as „Vision Therapy“.

The main suppliers of VISUS® were Bernell, Stereo Optical, or VTE from Italy.

The product portfolio had been extended every year. For instance: Contact lens solutions for the group "Interlens".

In 2009, Moritz Fanti, the son of Anne and Peter Fanti started working for VISUS, to strengthen this area of the company. His studies in "International Cultural and Business Studies" enabled Moritz Fanti to speak with the main suppliers in fluent English or Italian. The business relationships have been scaled and optimized ever since.

Moritz Fanti saw room for improvement all over Europe, and began an on-the-job Master in „General Management“ at the Steinbeis University, in order to start a growth project, and develop the business much more than before. The School of International Business and Entrepreneurship, with its' head quarter in Herrenberg, and sites in Stuttgart and Berlin offered an ideal concept for this situation. New target groups and products were identified, and modern sales channels were created, specialized in Online Marketing. The result was a Master thesis about a sales and marketing strategy for the whole area of „Optometry products“.

Moritz Fanti began implementing this strategy bit by bit. VISUS visited new congresses. A new website, newsletter, webshop and Youtube channel were created. More channels followed (Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and more).

Since 2010 VISUS® is supplier of internationl companies. Big manufacturers of intra ocular lenses ordered individualized vision charts - also a new project. VISUS® also supplies cabinets and vision charts for multicentric studies.

In fall 2015 VISUS has won the Steinbeis/Löhn award, being part of the project "LUVIS" (www.luvis.info), which was invented at the STZ eyetrial at the university eye clinic of Tuebingen. The award was given to the project group in front of 600 guests. With this money, the first batch of the LUVIS mini could be partially paid for. It still is the only illuminated cabinet in the world for lighting up non-translucent vision charts.

In the following years, VISUS introduced a lot of digital products for vision training, such as the VR software Vivid Vision. This enables eye care specialists to create modern and effective vision training exercises individually for each patient in virtual reality. They can either train in the practice or at home, on a mobile VR headset. VISUS also joined the business development of startups such as Odilia Vision, in order to bring more digital products onto the market.

In June 2022, the location “VISUS Contactlinsen Hamburg” was sold to Optiker Bode GmbH, which has continued to operate the institute since then. In December 2023, a cooperation with the company Conta Optic GmbH in Stuttgart was launched for the second institute, "VISUS Contactlinsen Stuttgart". Since December 1st, Conta Optic takes over the supply of contact lenses for VISUS Stuttgart, while VISUS operates its "show room" for visual function training in virtual reality at Conta Optic. Since then, both companies have been working as a joint venture in the Stuttgart area.

The “restart” in 2024
The VISUS® headquarters have been located in Herrenberg since 2011. On February 1st, 2024, this was moved to new rooms within Herrenberg and is now located on the 1st floor of Seestr. 9. VISUS is planning modern work with a high sustainability factor at this location. A solar power plant on the roof terrace has been providing “green” electricity since day 1.
VISUS was also able to attend OPTI from 12th to 14th 2024 and presented a world's first: "GreenVT". With GreenVT, VISUS has founded the world's first product range and protected brand for vision therapy products made from sustainable materials. Here, VISUS works a lot with external partners who have specialized in the respective material area.

The VISUS® team

We are a mixed team of optometrists, entrepreneurs and management assistants.

Our administration is based in Herrenberg sowie seit Herbst 2011 die Logistik (Lager und Versand) des Fachhandels. In Stuttgart gibt es weiterhin die Bestell-Annahme und den Kunden-Service. Sie erreichen uns an beiden Standorten wie folgt:

Herrenberg (for returning items):

  • Tel.: +49-7032-94 30 83
  • Fax.: +49-7032-94 30 85
  • Email: logistik ( at) visus.de


  • Tel.: +49-711-226 16 50
  • Fax: +49-711-29 63 99
  • Email: sehteste(at )visus.de

You want to become part of our team?
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This is a list of a few of our studies:

1996 Diplomarbeit „Phoriescreening mit dem Van Orden Stern (Guido Stehr, FA Aalen)
1996 Untersuchung der Fechter in Oestringen
1997 Diplomarbeit „Sportsvision mit den AcuVision 1000 (Anja Schlack, Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
1997 Untersuchung der Fechter im Rahmen eines Sportscreenings (Heidenheim)
1998 Diplomarbeit „Screening in der Augenoptik“ (Frank-Roger Froese, TFH Berlin)
2000 Untersuchung der Fechter (Olympiastützpunkt Tauberbischofsheim)
2000 Untersuchung verschiedener Sportler (Schwäbisch Hall)
2002 Untersuchung der Volleyball-Bundesliga-Damen (Dresden)
2003 Diplomarbeit „MKH und VT“ (Ellen Rietdorf, TFH Berlin)
2003 Untersuchung der Refraktionssoftware „Test Chart“ (Dr. Kortüm)
2004 Studienarbeit „Sportscreening“ (Stefan Fuchs, FH Aalen)
2005 Diplomarbeit „Screeningtests für den Sport“ (Stefan Fuchs, FH Aalen)
2010 Bachelorarbeit „Fusionstrainer und Fusionsleistung“ (Alexander Biefel, FH Aalen)
2010 Bachelorarbeit Vergleich Polatest E2 (Kreuztest-Verfahren) mit VISUS Test Chart Pro (Mallet-Test-Verfahren) (Toni Röwer, Fielmann Akademie
2010 Unterstützung der Studie zu Visualtraining bei Schülern (TFH Berlin)
2011 Bachelorarbeit zur Prüfung neuer Stereoteste (Claudia Kordik, FH Aalen)
2012 Bachelorarbeit Vergleich des Hess Schirm Verfahrens mit der Software Hess Screen Pro (Mercedes Faber, FH Aalen)
2013 Bachelorarbeit Vergleich der neuen Farbsehtest-Software „ColorDx“ mit Anomaloskop, Ishihara-Test und Farnsworth-Test (Angelika Ungermann, FH Aalen)

We can also recommend the following studies:

1989 Untersuchung "Vergleich von Hess Screen Pro mit manuellem Hess Screen (Thomson Software, University of London, Prof. Thomson)
2004 Untersuchung des Eyeports für Sportsvisiontraining im Baseball (Dr. Liebermann, USA)
2010 Untersuchung neuer Teste für die Fixationsdisparität (Dr. Lederer, USA)
2010 Klinische Studie zur Amblyz Brille (Abraham Spierer, Judith Raz, Israel)
2013 Bachelorarbeit "Marstafeln im Low Vision Bereich" (Alexandra Kniele, Beuth Hochschule Berlin)
2013 Bachelorarbeit "Effekte des Nintendo Augentrainings" (Kaatje Lehmann, Fielmann Akademie, Plön)
2013 Bachelorarbeit "Monovision vs. Multifokal, Messung mit dem CSV 1000 HGT" (Annika Maxam)
2013 Masterarbeit "Sehen von Sportlern (Vfr Aalen) im Vergleich" (Doris Arnold, Hochschule Aalen)
2013 Masterarbeit "Effekte der NIKE Strobe auf das Sehen von Sportlern" (Andreas Platz, EAH Jena)
2013 TONE-Studie (Multizentrisch)
2014 Klinische Studie zur Wirksamkeit des Eyebags und der Eyegiene Brille (Universität Auckland, Neuseeland)
2014 Klinische Studie zur Wirksamkeit des Eyebags (Universtität Birmingham, England)