Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of VISUS Contactlinsen GmbH

Data security
All address and order data will only be saved to fulfill the order contracct, and will not be forwarded to third parties. Your bank and credit card data will not be saved. We use Google Analytics on our homepage and webshop, to analyze which products fit best for our clients, and how we can improve our offer and services. The data from Google Analytics can and will not be used by us in order to create any kind of profile of single clients or persons.

Sales taxes
All prices are shown without sales taxes. Sales to companies within the EU are only sales tax free for companies with a valid VAT number, according to the VIES. For companies within the EU without such a VAT number, the sales taxes will be applied. All companies outside of the EU will order without any sales taxes.

We will ship via several carriers.

Shipping costs within Germany
The shipping costs are based on order volume and product size. The current costs are seen in the basket of our webshop, once you place a product in that basket. These costs include packaging and shipping, as well as packing and labeling. All packages are insured. Several costs can be added, such as special insurancec or costs for bulky products.

Shipping costs outside of Germany
The shipping costs are based on order volume and product size. The costs are seen in the basket of our webshop, once you place a product in that basket. These costs include packaging and shipping, as well as packing and labeling. All packages are insured. Several costs can be added, such as special insurancec or costs for bulky products. For certain countries, and all packages above 5kg, we do have the right to adjust the shipping costs, if needed. Before doing so, we will contact you directly, and you will have the right to cancel your order, as we do too. For countries outside the EU (Switzerland, USA, Asia etc.) we have to charge 50 € flat on all orders above 1.000 € total for fulfillment of the ATLAS customs declaration. We may have to add extra costs for bulky products or else if needed.

Import costs in the destination country
If you order from us outside the EU, it is likely that customs in your country will charge you fees, taxes and duties (“duties”). This is a normal process if you order goods outside the EU. The invoice can be sent to you directly from customs or via our parcel service provider. We have no control over this. We do not know the amount of these fees, nor can we predict which party will bill you. We therefore cannot calculate the fees in advance. Important: We will not refund you these fees and taxes. Our shipping and customs costs do not include these costs.

Delivery times
We work on your order within 48 hours between Monday and Friday. The sole delivery time may be communicated within the order confirmation, and is usually between 1 and 3 business days within Germany, but may vary. For foreign countries, the delivery times may be between 3 and 7 business days, but may also vary. Should a product not be in stock, then the delivery time may be up to 8 weeks. We will inform you about this. Within Germany we currently offer to ship the item which are not in stock in a second shipment free of charge. Please be advised, that we cannot guarantee a secure delivery time for all items, as we as a distributor are dependant on our suppliers. In our market it is common, that some products are not always in stock, due to longer production and registration processes, as well as stock shortage and customs delays.

Orders via telephone, fax, email, mail and carrier piegon
This shop was made, to make the order process for both us and the client most transparent. This avoids most potential errors as well. Data privacy can be communicated and checked easily, and we will receive a legally correcct order from customers. All orders, which are NOT placed via our shop, can get a reply with an order confirmation via Email or fax, in order to present the client the order with all final conditions and ask for permission to dispatch it. For all orders via phone, fax, Email, post or carrier pigeon at all times our current list prices are applied (see visus.de) and no other prices clients potentially received in the past.

Sales to distributors
Prices and discount for distributors are only applied after we verify this individually. Our prices may always change due to exchange rate changes, new prices of our suppliers or cost increases. Price lists with discount can be asked for, but at this moment we do not offer a standard distributor price list. Returns to us, due to defects of goods or packaging, or due to delays in shipping from our side, are credited, but only the product positions, not the shipping costs.

Delivery conditions
We kindly ask for your understanding, that when receiving your (written) order, your order conditions will not automatically be applied. Instead, our delivery conditions will always be applied automatically. They may be changed by us individually. The reason for this is, that we have standardized QM processes, in order to be able to offer an economical solution. Once we send you an order confirmation, your order is "registered" in our system. Our delivery conditions will be part of this confirmation, unless communicated differently. If you ask for delivery within 4 business days after arrival of your order in our system, we reserve the right to deliver via Express carrier, which will be charged with an express fee. We also reserve the right to cancel your order. Express costs will be offered in the order confirmation, and you have the right to cancel your order.

Delays of delivery
In case of product changes or changes in the packaging from the supplier side, or in case of delays in delivery, we reserve the right to offer replacement deliveries/products. If a delay in delivery to us arises from the supplier, then this is not a reason for clients to cancel their order or to make claims for damages/losses. We want to highlight, that as a distributor we are not able to control or change the production of our suppliers. In fact, we are dependent on them. At all times, delivery bottlenecks may arise. This is a normal event in production. As VISUS offers a great variety of products, which cannot be found elsewhere in Germany or Europe, we kindly ask for your understanding, that sometimes some products may have delivery times of 3-5 weeks.

Bank debit charges
With entering bank data in the secured form for our electronic debit charge, you automatically accept that we subtract the amount of your order from your bank account. For debit charges, which are refused by you or your bank, we will apply a 10 € fee. At this moment, debit charging may be possible via external services only.

Returns and claims
Returns are only accepted by us, if you pay for the shipping costs in full, including insurance. This applies for claims, too. A copy of the invoice has to be placed in the package. Regarding returns for credit notes or change of products, we may contact you regarding a restocking fee, if the product or its' packaging have a defect. The returned good have to be in an immaculate condition. Books cannot be returned. Claims after 10 business days are not accepted. Please read the right of withdrawal, which is applied since June 13th 2014 according to the law of the European Union. This can be found at www.visus.de.

Retention of title
The goods remain our property until they have been paid for in full.

We do not accept any liability for typographical or spelling errors. The place of jurisdiction and performance is Stuttgart/Germany. Should one of the above delivery and payment conditions be invalid, all other conditions will remain valid.

Stuttgart, 2/19/2024