Brands / Suppliers

We are the official German distributor of the following companies:

  • Vivid Vision (Vision Training in Virtual Reality)
  • Fitlight Sports Corp. (Fitlight Trainer System for Sportsvision)
  • Bernell (VT material and Screening)
  • Precision Vision (Illuminated cabinets and ETDRS charts)
  • Good Lite (Lea products)
  • VTE (VT material and screening)
  • VISIOcoach (Training software for visual field defects -
  • Thomson Software Solutions (Vision Testing Software)
  • OM Case (Prism goggles)
  • VAC (Vision Assessment Corporation) - Stereotests
  • Medivision / Eyeconic Software Ltd. (Visualization software)
  • Wayne Engineering (Sportsvision Screening and -Training)
  • The MARS perceptrix corporation (Mars contrast charts)
  • Vector Vision (contrast test CSV 1000-HGT)
  • DISOP (Contact lens solutions)
  • The EyeBag Company (Eyebag)
  • Gulden Ophthalmics
  • Keeler
  • Leggicomodo (Portabook)
  • City Visual Systems Ltd. (BAP-/G37-Software)

Our brands:

  • VISUS ®
  • CLISS ®

Why should you order from VISUS?

We really try to keep most items in stock. We can give Support in German, English, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch. We can offer guarantee terms based on the European law. You can comfortbaly order and pay by invoice, credit card, or PayPal. Oh, and we are nice people :-)

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