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VISIOtrain, software for saccade training
VISIOtrain, software for saccade training VISIOtrain is a training software to improve visual orientation. The software is based on scientific evidence on explorative saccade training from Odilia Vision GmbH (Germany). With VISIOtrain...
299,00 € *
VISIOcoach professional (for Eye Care Specialists)
VISIOcoach Professional (for Eye Care Specialists) - Art. No. 81925 VISIOcoach Professional is the management tool for your VISIOcoach patients - a new training software for Hemianopia. Functional details VISIOcoach can be used as a...
1 825,00 € *
VISIOcoach homonymous Hemianopia
VISIOcoach homonymous hemianopia VISIOcoach homonymous hemianopia is a new software for visual training with visual field loss, such as hemianopia or quadrantanopia, which may occur after strokes. It comes in several languages. You can...
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