Test Chart LITE (1 year subscription)

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Test Chart LITE - refraction software for Windows (1 year subscription) With Test Chart LITE... mehr
Produktinformationen "Test Chart LITE (1 year subscription)"

Test Chart LITE - refraction software for Windows (1 year subscription)

With Test Chart LITE you are investing in the latest generation of vision testing via software, based on decades of development. This LITE version of Test Chart includes all needed charts and functions for a standard vision test. If you need all functions, in order to perform a full refraction and binocular analysis, please order the "Test Chart" software. Made to change viewing distance between 1,5 and 12 m. Separate remote control available. Licence: Annually (Payment within 30 days after ordering). If once purchased, this licence renews for 1 year, after 12 months, on the 1st of the following month. The price includes all updates, as well as technical support (phone, Email, remote sessions).

Included Tests and functions:

  • LogMAR Tests (ETDRS, Linear, Crowded, Column etc.)

  • Snellen Tests
  • 12 Optotypes: Sloan, British, Kay, tumbling E, Landolt C, Makaton, Sheridan Gardner, as well as several other fonts

  • Single optotype

  • Fixation objects (also for cross cylinder tests)

Details on thr new pricing model (subscription)

  • We will invoice you annually (at the beginning, and then on the 1st of a month after 12 months)

  • The price includes all necessary services needed to run the software securlely and keep it up to date: All updates, new functions, new content, as well as customer service and technical support (via phone, Email and remote sessions). Technical software issues will be solved by us without any extra costs.

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